If each of us spent £100 a year more on local businesses instead of chain stores it would put an extra £3 million a year into our economy and it would create thousands more jobs every year.

Local people working together for change

Local and regional food is predominantly related to food miles and thus reducing the Carbon footprint. By buying locally you are shortening the food chain, and ensuring seasonal fresh produce of the highest quality and standard every time. By building a more locally based food economy one in which sustainable food production and traceability is integrated to enhance the local economic and environmental value.

Reasons to Buy Local and Regional Food

Buying food from local farmers and producers, and from shops stocking local produce, helps to keep them in business. This in turn helps to create local jobs and a strong local economy. Buying local also lowers ‘food miles’, which reduces the use of fossil fuels and helps to protect the environment from harmful exhaust fumes. When you buy local, your produce will not have travelled hundreds or even thousands of miles. This will help in the battle against climate change. By buying local, you are receiving the freshest possible produce, traceable back to the point of production.

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